Team Doctor for Philadelphia Union & International Olympic Figure Skaters

2012 & 2014 National Curling Championships Chiropractor


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Dr. Mathews is dedicated to RESULTS. This is accomplished by accurate diagnoses, elite treatment, and functional rehabilitation.


Rehab Exercises: Patients are taught exercises and stretches to train proper movement patterns that will relieve their pain and keep it from returning. Dr. Mathews utilizes the latest strategies from the best doctors and therapists around the world.

Soft Tissue & Muscle Work: In the office, muscles are stretched, nerves are released and ligaments / tendons are treated to remove tension from injured areas of the body. Techniques utilized: A.R.T., Graston.

Chiropractic Adjustments: Also known as joint manipulation, adjustments are done by hand and are a key element in restoring movement patterns and relieving pain for our patients. Techniques offered are Motion Palpation, Diversified, and extremity manipulation.


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  1. Tami DeMarco says:


    My name is Tami DeMarco, I left a voice mail for Doc Steve to call me.

    Could you b please give a call to my husband Raymond DeMarco at 610-864-3000.
    I will be out of town the first part of the week.

    Thanks you.

  2. admin says:

    We are having problem with retrieving email from our site. Were you able to reach the office? 484-999-8142. Drstevenmathews@yahoo.com

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